We Upgraded From Dented Steel to A Custom Carriage Style Door

garage door replacement Chesapeake

The garage door on our home was the original steel raised panel style that came with the house when we bought it 15 years ago. Over the years it showed its age with dings and rust developing in several spots. While still functional, the tired looking door was bringing down the curb appeal of our home’s facade.

We debated replacing it ourselves or hiring someone for the garage door replacement in Chesapeake. In the end, we decided to work with a local company to install a completely new customized door that would really elevate the kerb appeal and value of our house.

garage door replacement Chesapeake

Choosing a New Style

Browsing options online, we were drawn to the elegant look of classic wooden carriage house doors. Many of the new neighborhoods being built featured these stylish doors that added architectural interest.

We worked with our installer to design a smooth fiberglass door with raised molded panels that captured the rich detail of wood without the maintenance. White was selected to complement our home’s trim colors. Large decorative windows across the top four panels flooded the garage with natural light.

Installation Experience

On installation day, the crew arrived promptly to remove the old steel door. Within a few hours they had the new door hung with precision and all electric wires connected to the opener. It looked stunning right away.

The installers explained proper cleaning and care, then programmed the remote and safety sensors before demonstrating features. Their professionalism and attention to detail was impressive. It was rewarding to see the transformation completed so smoothly.

Love the New Look

Now that some time has passed with the new garage door, we couldn’t be happier with our choice to upgrade. The white panels and decorative glass panels dress up the front of our home beautifully. Family and visitors always comment on how much nicer it makes the property appear.

Best of all, I know this door style will maintain its appeal for years to come. While steel doors can start to look shabby fast, the durable fiberglass material will retain a freshly painted look with only occasional washing. The investment was worth it for long-lasting curb appeal and increased home value. I’m glad we took on this garage facelift project.

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